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Exclusive High-Quality Mentoring in a one-on-one video call session with Leo Motta to help you launch into the world of Lo-Fi

  • Grow your number of streams

  • Grow your number of listeners

  • Grow your number of loyal fans

  • Achieve your financial stability with your own music

  • Gain recognition and success in the music industry

  • Positively impact your audience with your music

  • Have a lasting career in the music industry

Learn important things about
  • Career Management

  • Music Marketing

  • Music Production

  • Recording Instruments

  • Using Samples

  • Editing Your Songs

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Using The Best Plugins

  • Label Negotiation

  • Distribution

  • Creating Your Own Cover Arts

  • Playlist Pitching

  • Conquering Editorial Playlist

  • Music Advertising

  • Creating Your Own Playlists

  • Publishing

  • Creating Your Own Website

  • Tips And Secrets To Get The Best Sound

  • And more

About Leo Motta
  • 42 years old, 25 of which are dedicated to professional music

  • Multi-instrumentalist musician (I started playing the piano when I was 6 years old, and I also play acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass)

  • One of the best hip hop DJs (always playing vinyl) in Brazil, in addition to playing in the main cities in Brazil, I have toured Europe and performed at festivals for more than 1 million of people, Performed more than 1000 shows in my career as a DJ

  • Graduated in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing

  • Founder/owner of two record labels (the first of reggae and hip hop called URK Music, and the second of Lofi called Beatmology) with this I know how to help you create yours

  • Founder/owner of a booking agency that has more than 50 artists in the casting

  • Manager of more than 10 (1 from UK, 1 from Germany, 1 from Australia, and the rest from Brazil) music artists (who receive at least 10 thousand dollars per show)

  • Extensive experience in artistic career management (producing albums, CDs, DVDs, shows and festivals)

  • Experience with contracts from music, shows, advertising campaigns and sponsorships and publishing

  • Artist and composer of almost 150 songs and who has already achieved more than 22 million streams in 3 years with his own songs, recently reached the mark of 750 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify

  • Extensive experience in mixing and mastering (I mix and master all my songs)

  • Self-taught musician and music producer

  • Experience with advertising to grow playlists and promote your music

  • Experience in pitching for editorial playlists using Spotify for Artists (I had a lot of placements)

  • Experience in relationships with labels and playlist curators

  • Experience in creating your own platform/website (buying a domain, creating your own email and creating the website)

Mentoring with Leo Motta
  • How it’s done: One-on-one video call session ON GOOGLE MEETING

  • Investment: US$ 198 / hour

  • Payment methods: Credit card

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