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Leo Motta & Dj Samu aka Suguiura - Today

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Leo Motta & Dj Samu aka Suguiura - Today


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Leo Motta - Golden Clouds
the single 'GOLDEN CLOUDS'
from Album 'bossa' HITS
2.000.000+ STREAMS
Leo Motta - Bossa
Into The Night
Carnival Affair
the singles 'carnival affair'
and 'into the night' HITS
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Into The Night
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lofi beats
'Golden clouds', 'high tide' and 'Carnival affair' has been added to lofi beats, a 4.6M PLAYLIST on Spotify
Leo Motta - Golden Clouds
Leo Motta - High Tide
Carnival Affair
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Jazz Vibes - Spotify
'Golden Clouds',
'Into The Night' and 'Western Breeze' has been added to JAZZ VIBES, a 2M PLAYLISt
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Leo Motta - Golden Clouds
Into The Night
Western Breeze
Sunny Beats Spotify
Sunny Beats Spotify
'Feeling Good' and​'Guanabara bay'
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Feeling Good
Guanabara Bay
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One More Wave
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Leo Motta & skrn - Late Afternoon
Yetbaby, Lunatic Sad & Leo Motta - Winter Night
Leo Motta - Orange Juice
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Musician, DJ and music producer, Leo Motta, 40, has been connected to music since he was 6 years old when he started playing piano. After that he started playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass, and in 2006 that he became a DJ and member of the renowned Rio de Janeiro's sound system, Urcasônica, specialized in Reggae, Dancehall and Hip-Hop.

Throughout his career as a DJ, he performed in countries such as Brazil, England, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic, alongside artists as Seu Jorge, Mano Brown, Chali 2na, 50 Cent , Soulja Boy, Ja Rule, Lil Jon, Easy Star All-Stars, Thaíde & DJ Hum, Negra Li, ConeCrewDiretoria, Zegon, Fatlip, General Levy, N.A.S.A., Miguel Migs, Tocadisco, Miles Dyson, Tim Healey and Paul van Dyk.

In 2010 he was invited by the members of Racionais MC's, to be the DJ of the Boogie Naipe project in Rio de Janeiro, which received guests such as Seu Jorge, Caetano Veloso, Hyldon, MV Bill and Banda Black Rio. 

In 2012, a new challenge began in his career. Managing artistic careers and producing several projects by artists such as Junior Marvin (Bob Marley & The Wailers), Silly Walks Discotheque and Marcelo Falcão, and thus URK Music was born, which acts strongly in show business.

In 2020, Leo Motta returns to produce his songs, and in 2021, releases his first album, called "High Lines" in partnership with renowned guitarist Walter Villaça. And still in 2021, Leo Motta releases his second album, called "Crosstalk", in partnership with the renowned music producer Blood Beatz. Later that year, in partnership with these two artists, Leo Motta released the EP "Carnival Affair", and his songs entered the two biggest Spotify playlists, lofi beats and Jazz Vibes, which are heard by millions of people daily.

In 2022, Leo Motta releases his first solo album, called "Good Trip, Vol. 1". And that same year, Leo Motta released his second solo album, called "Bossa", and his songs again entered the two biggest playlists on Spotify, lofi beats and Jazz Vibes.

Currently, Leo Motta has surpassed more than 12 million streams with his songs having the main listeners in countries like the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia, France, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Japan.